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Roger H Strube, MD

This section is generally about small diesel inboard and gasoline outboard engines up to approximately 115 HP. I am gathering information for use in deciding how to power the catamaran motorsailor I will be building. There is more information regarding this vessel in the “Ideal Motorsailor” section. Just click on the bottom tab to the left to view this information. In this area I have place a tab for Beta (Kubota) marine engines. This system is high on my list of possible choices for powering the cat as the engines are relatively light and based on a marinized Kubota. Parts for these engines may be found anywhere in the world. Outboard engines similar to those used on “Skeeter” are found in the tab to the left under Propulsion. The second choice is a 75 to 115 HP Suzuki 4 stroke if gross weight becomes more of an issue. A 2 cycle may be considered to save additional weight. I have also added a section for web sites of other diesel engines. One possibility here is the old VW Rabbit diesel. Many were marinized. Parts for the motor are generally available but some of the marinizing castings may be difficult to find. This is a very light 100HP engine and could be very cost effective if used, running units could be found.

This section contains three subsections with additional information regarding possible choices for motorizing the “Ideal Motorsailor”. The sections are labled:

Beta Marine Kubota

Outboard Motors

Other Marine Diesels



Click on the section above for additional information.

Feel free to browse around my site. If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at wingsailorflorida@yahoo.comPlease notify me of any sites you know of that may be helpful in determining the best solution to the issue of power for this motorsailor.

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