Marine Equipment & Materials

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Roger H Strube, MD

I have listed the manufacturers of several categories of marine equipment. This is a page devoted to the small items that cost 1 to 6 “boat units”. When I started sailing a boat unit was $100. It is now $1,000. Fortunately many of the items work significantly better than the stuff available 50 years ago. I have included some of the unusual stuff boat builders and repair people may find interesting.

If you have purchased any unusual equipment and have found it useful, please send and email to me with the Web location of the manufacturer.

Electronic Manufacturers:

Electronics Retail:

  • http://www.yachtiq.com
    Web based retail catelogue store

Hardware Suppliers:

  • http://www.mcfeelys.com/
    McFeelys supplies Silicon Bronze square drive marine screws for those who like the feel of wood.


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