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Roger H Strube, MD

By now I am sure you know I am a multihull enthusiast. The subsections under this heading have a large number of web sites having multihull information under the topic headings. I am interested in developing a rigid wing for use on a small trimaran by elderly and disabled sailors. This initial wing will be a test platform for additional development for the small trimarans and as a prototype for development of a rigid wing for wind assist for the next big project, the catamaran motorsailor.

Check them out and if you know some other great places please let me know!

There is a great deal of information in Multihull Magazine. They have both a sail and power version.

If you are anywhere near Southwest Florida and need to haul your multihull, give Dave a call at Gulf Marine Ways in Ft Myers. They are able to haul multihulls, have a very professional staff and their prices are reasonable.

  • http://www.gulfmarineways.com/
    THE multihull marina and haul out facility on Florida’s west coast just under the Ft Myers Beach bridge in Fort Myers.

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