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Kathy and I live in Punta Gorda Isles Florida at the top of Charlotte Harbor where we are able to enjoy our favorite outdoor activities year round. We are living the “Green Life” (see “Living Green in PGI”). We belong to the Punta Gorda Sailing Club. She loves her garden and we both spend a great deal of time on the water. We have been sailing together over 50 years and as time has passed our boating interests have evolved. After 30 years of sailing slow, water pressing, rib bruising monomarans, we have spent the last 20 in the pursuit of the ideal cruising multihull vessel and accouterments. This is not a “how to” or an equipment recommendation site. If you want sound advise subscribe to Practical Sailor and read the universally known and respected technical authors of our sailing fraternity. The West Marine Catalogue has more advice than most of us will ever need. This site is about my interest in some of the more esoteric and some would say fringe developments in our floating world. Simple and uncomplicated is preferred by some people but I am not interested in substituting the old wooden bucket for my pair of Raritan PHII Heads. My 49 foot cruising catamaran Millennium Dragon is rigged for long distance single or short handed sailing with every cruising convenience including a washer/dryer, water maker, generator, four burner stove/oven, 12.5 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer and a microwave. It even has a full size, deep kitchen sink.

I am interested in developing those innovations that will extend our ability to comfortably, safely and with ease continue our water sports as we age and/or become disabled. My present interests are small rigid wing sails on small trimarans for use by elderly and/or disabled sailors to minimize the effort and maximize the safety of small boat sailing and racing. Two of the boats I have built are pictured above.



Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis

I finished the manuscript about the causes and cures for our health system’s financial and care quality crises in July, 2010. The cover design was created by Rijalynne Saari, a graphic designer. Kathy had known Rij’s mother since grade school and I had know her since high school. We have known Rij all her life.

The manuscript was sent to Susan Montgomery, a professional medical editor, and returned mid-August. She completed the grammar, punctuation and spelling edits and made recommendations about continuity and some repetitive sections. She also advised me to split the manuscript into two books as it was written in two voices for two different audiences. I made all the changes recommended but was too tired of writing to face splitting the manuscript into two books.

I submitted the last draft for “editorial review” by my on line iPublisher, iUniverse. These folks provide a wide range of publishing services to an author interested in being “self-published.” Several on line companies offer everything provided by the big standard publishing houses, for a price. After several weeks I received my written editorial review and phone call from my contract manager. It was very helpful but not a pleasant experience. I would have to split the manuscript and do a complete rewrite of the first half of the manuscript.

Over the next 6 months the manuscript was edited and rewritten. Version 29 was submitted for publication on February 10, 2011. The first round of proofs were returned. Final submission was made after more editing and corrections. It had taken 2 years of my life and suspension of virtually all other interests and projects to complete the final manuscript. Discovering the Cause and the Cure for America’s Health Care Crisis “went live” on April 29th. I received my first copy of the printed book for review and final printing authorization on Cinco de Mayo. The book is now available on Amazon. Read the book, understand our health care crisis and become part of the solution:

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Life and Projects Continue

Hopefully the future will hold the development of a wing and diesel (or electric?) powered motor sailor that will look more like a Star Wars transporter than a Nat Herreshoff classic. Don’t get me wrong. I respect ol’ Captain Natty as much as I do the Wright Brothers but technology has advanced significantly in 100 years. I do enjoy looking at old wooden boats from a distance as long as I don’t have to sail or repair one. I am speaking from experience. Our first boat (see 1970 picture to left) was a 1929 Herreshoff designed 52 foot universal “Q” Class that we repaired, sailed, refinished, raced, repaired, refinished and cruised on Lake Michigan from 1968 to 1975. Dennis Connor restored a sister ship, Cotton Blossom II - Q5, several years ago. The picture shows Mark at 2 y/o, giving orders to me, my wife Kathy and his older sister, 3 y/o Jill. Mark- [B is now a professional sailor. After his employment by the Swedish Victory Challenge Team as the “Starboard Grinder” he returned to his other professional racing gigs. He has been on other America’s Cup Teams during the previous two campaigns and holds a high position in the world rankings in the Star fleet. He and his skipper George Szabo competed for the top position in the Star Class for the US Sailing Olympic Team. They finished second in the USA and didn’t get to go to the Olympics. See Mark’s web site for more info about Mark and his present activities. ( www.strubesailing.com )

Jill and her spouse Sam Blasco live in Smithville, Texas. She is the Grant Writer for the City. Sam builds custom funiture and cabinets. He acts in local theater productions. Our grandson Antonio was born August 9, 2006 so we seem to be spending more time in Texas. Sam had been a national rep for Mini Max, an Italian manufacturer of quality wood working and cabinet making power tools. If you visit the Mini Max site you may click on tool demonstrations by Sam Blasco on the right side of the home page. His work may be reviewed on the web site Jill built for him: www.samantics2.com

If you are interested in spending some time in Smithville, there are several B&Bs in town that Sam can recommend.

During our visit in April 2009 I rebuilt “Mater’s Garage”, an old one car structure on their side lot. 

Questa is doing charters at Averill’s Flathead Lake Lodge in Bigfork Montana. To learn more about the “Q” Class go to Cotton Blossom, now owned by Dennis Connor.


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